Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer Semester

Just because I am freakin' bored I am going to write this post in english. I do not know if I have mentioned it before but currently I am in the Summer Semester. Fortunately I did not register any class so basically I am just working with my advisor in research topics. We went to the national IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers) two weekends ago and it was pretty fun and interesting. I attended several talks, some of them good, some others not that good and obviously I went to my advisor's talk (actually I prepared the slides). The conference took place in one of the sevearl hotels surrounding the Disney area, everything was great excepting the fact that I needed to wake up at 6 AM to be able to be on time in Orlando. The next weekend my roommate Drew invited me to his house in the island of Sanibel, which is at two and a half hours from Tampa. The weekend was excellent, we went to the beach, played mini golf, rode bikes and watched some movies, in particular Match Point which I loved. The food was also pretty amazing, a necessary switch from the usually crappy food from the cafeteria in the building where I lived. What else? I am really taking advantage of the chance of borrowing movied for free from the library. I have watched The Producers (the original version), Reservoir Dogs, My Architect (a documentary), Spellbound (another documentary), Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring, I cant remember the rest right now.
On the other hand, this week I begin to work in a summer project during the mornings. It is a three week job probbaly I will have the chance to go to teh Kennedy Space Center, since is a physics summer camp. I will be in charge of documenting the camp, filming, taking pictures and preparing a video to be presented in the final ceremony. I just hope to have a good time.
Chicago is also getting closer, we are leaving on July 28th. The Walkmen and Danielson were just added to the lineup of the Pitchfork Festival and there will be an opening party at the Metro club the 28th night (Voxtrot and Sunset Rubdown will be playing too...I have to get tickets for that yet). The Pitchfork festival is the 29th and 30th, then we weill hang out in Chicago during the week and then Lollapalooza Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am still waiting for a breakthough in the lineup (although it is pretty good now). We will be seeing the likes of New Pornographers, The Shins, Wilco, the Flaming Lips, Ryan Adams, The Rapture, Hot Chip, The Raconteurs, and lots more.
Well, it seems that I do not have anymore for today.

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