Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Republican Presidential Debate - Zero by Zero

I am trying to wear conservative clothes while I write this. Hardly I could find something in my closet, but let's start.
Clearly, tonight's winner is John McCain. He sounded independent, moderate, convinced and even though you cannot agree with some of his views, at least he comes across as someone who is talking with the truth. High points: on inmigration and no pardon to scooter libby. Low points: he has to yield in his position about the war. At least, I feel that he, as president, would be someone you can deal with.
Rudy Giuliani was weak during the first half of the debate, improving while taking questions from the audience. However, he is still trying to hide some of his beliefs, so he sounded phony at times. He was more of a follower than a leader. (follower of McCain mainly).
Romney sounded phony at times as well, let's remember he was in favor of gay rights and abortion when he was governor of Masachusetts. Plus, I hate when candidates try to come up with slogans and gibberish like that. (I am talking about the "country of the future" catchphrase).
Ron Paul sounds really interesting at times, but well, he plays the equivalent role of the candidates in the fringes of the democratic party, he can say whatever he wants, because he will not get the nomination.
Huckabee and Thompson are honest and that's welcome. In particular, the former being straightforward about creationism. (which I don't agree with but he said what he believes. On the other hand, you can argue he feels free to say that because several members of his party believe the same).
From Tancredo, Brownback, and Govern there is not much I can recollect. Probably just garbage.
Hunter was the worst.

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