Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Democratic Presidential Debate - One by One

I am aware I am a foreigner and I cannot vote, however I really believe the president of the US is pretty much the president of the world (for good or for ill), so it is desirable to have someone capable in charge. I am partial to the democratic party and I just watched the debate. This is my summary:

*Richardson: the worst of the lot. In some occasions, he sounds like a populist.
*Gravel and Kucinich: they don’t exist in the race and they pretty much can say whatever they want, sounding very unrealistic most of the time.
*Biden: he is trying to convince himself he is a candidate but he still does not get there. Contradictory at times.
*Dodd: I barely noticed him.
*Obama: he did better today, however I still think he is more about image than substance.
*Clinton: I like how she does not doubt an iota every time she answers a question. She did a good job. However, I hate when she tries to please everyone, and I think she was wrong about the “war on terror” bumper sticker question.
*Edwards: the winner of the debate. Thoughtful, he shows leadership and courage without losing touch with reality. Plus, he offers solutions that in my opinion are plausible. Anyway, I believe it is really hard for him to get the nomination…we will see...

I’m getting ready for the comedy show on tuesday night...

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