Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good Bye! JUDITH Tuesday...

I am not sure at what point in October the rumours started to flow from mouth to mouth. "Did you see the new blonde girl that just arrived to The Edge?" Suddenly, one day I saw her, she was in the computer lab chatting, wearing the Spanish National Soccer T-Shirt. I used to talk to her in English, but then I gave up and I just started to talk in Spanish. Actually, she is to blame for all the Spanish I have talked during the last month.
I told her I was going to write a post in her honour. Inevitably the people you meet in a foreign country become kind of your family. You see them everyday, you have lunch with them, you have dinner with them, you party with them.
Unforgettable are her stories in Thailand and how she came to Florida, stopping by in Rio de Janeiro first. Likewise, her future trip to California seems pretty interesting too (good luck with that!).
Thank you for everything. I specially appreciate all your support during the last weeks, I would have collapsed if you would not have been here.
Good memories come to my mind when writing this: the Bodies exposition at MOSI, that international party at Campus Walk (when you got pretty too), our dangerous car trips with Madhu (he drives terrible!), our spanish songs repertoire at the Cafeteria at lunch time (when I sang all those shitty, crappy spanish songs), the Christmas party at Argos Center (it was like an American movie, wasn't it?), your recklessness when crossing a street (come on! you have to be more careful) and our last week having lunch and dinner in a "subnormal" way.
I am a music lover and I cannot avoid to mention the next verses from Ruby Tuesday from The Rolling Stones as a way to describe you:

"There’s no time to lose, I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams
And you will lose your mind.
Ain’t life unkind? "

I think I learnt the lesson and as you say: we are constantly learning.

Thank you very much and good luck in California and then in Australia.


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